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New Generation Analyzer for Process & Emissions Gas Monitoring

New Generation Analyzer for Process & Emissions Gas Monitoring

by Kathleen Klimek on 10/15/2020

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MIR 9000e NDIR Multi-Gas Analyzer is the future of  process & emissions gas monitoring

Eco-designed, smart and connected instrument, the new generation MIR 9000e NDIR Multi-Gas Analyzer measures up to 8 parameters simultaneously: NO, SO₂, CO, CO₂, CH₄, N₂O, O₂ and residual H₂O, including greenhouse gases. Particularly suitable for measuring combustion exhaust gases from boilers, industrial furnaces, for process applications or sites needing to comply with emissions reporting requirements.

Includes shortcuts to key functions via touchscreen, full remote access to operations from computer (TCP/IP) or smartphone (ENVEA Connect™ App). Analyzer includes AMS control functionalities: sampling control, automatic zero and span gas injection, system alarms display, etc.

The MIR 9000e offers increased accuracy and robustness, limited maintenance and ultra low power consumption. Thanks to its exclusive "inside the box" modular concept, the monitor is insensitive to T° variations in the range +5° to +40°C (no air conditioning required). Contact ENVEA US at 630-262-4400 or email for more information.