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CEMS System Rentals and APC Equipment Performance

CEMS Rentals


Get a week’s worth of data for the same cost as having a testing company

come to your site and perform a single test!

Altech Environment USA offers complete CEMS rentals. Our customers typically rent CEMS for the following reasons:

  • Baseline Data for your Process  - Get VERY detailed process data to analyze. With a rental system, you can get a week’s worth of data for the same cost as a one day single-point stack test. Once delivered our rental CEMS are typically up and running in less than a half a day!
  • Validate APC Equipment Performance - Longer term (4-7 days) sampling and comparison to stack CEMS data
  • Regulatory Purposes - Our CEMS are all compliant with all the latest EPA regulations. Use a rental CEMS to ensure and demonstrate that your facility is in compliance.
  • HCl CEMS - This rental has proven ranges down to 0-10 ppm to test your equipment compliance.

We have a fleet of Rule1056 and Diesel 2010 compliant EGAS (Engine Gas Analysis Systems) available for rental. Our systems will provide precise and accurate measurements of engine gas emissions that can be used for validating your engine or components’ compliance with applicable standards or for research and development.

We can provide rentals for nearly any industry:

  • Power
  • Refining
  • Cement
  • Boilers
  • Engine Testing Laboratories(from 2 stroke engines to Heavy Duty Diesel)

If you have any questions or would like rates on renting a CEMS or EGAS System 

contact Mark Chamberlin at 630.262.4400 x203 or