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Cross Duct TDL Laser Gas Monitor LAS 300 XD

Cross duct TDL laser Gas monitor LAS 300 XD

Laser absorption spectrometry gas analyzer; exists in 6 different versions to meet your analytical requirements:


Cross Duct TDL Laser Gas Monitor LAS 300 XD

  • LAS 300 XD HF for Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) monitoring
  • LAS 300 XD HCl for Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) and Water (H2O) monitoring
  • LAS 300 XD NH3 for Ammonia (NH3) and Water (H2O) monitoring
  • LAS 300 XD O2 for Oxygen (O2monitoring
  • LAS 300 XD NO for Nitrogen Oxides (NO) monitoring
  • LAS 300 XD CO for Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitoring
  • LAS 300 XD CO-O2 for Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Oxygen (O2) monitoring

The gas monitor LAS 300 XD uses the TDLS method, a non-contact optical technology and therefore the emitter (laser source) on the sensor stays protected from any contamination or corrosion and so the maintenance operation and the cost of operation are very low compared to other technologies.

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The Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy (TDLS) is the perfect technology to use when you are looking for a selective measurement and a fast response time on some gas components such as NH3, HCL, HF or even O2 when conditions are too rough for standard O2 Zirconia In-Situ analyzers. It uses a solid-state laser source with a wavelength that can be adjusted to the gas component unique spectrum, also called gas component “fingerprint”. TDLS method is a non-contact optical technology and therefore the emitter (laser source) as the sensor stays protected from any contamination or corrosion and so the maintenance operation and the cost of operation are very low compared to other technologies. Thanks to the improved and fast A/D convertors, the use of Direct Absorption Spectroscopy (DAS) is now the “must” for the TDLS analyzers, compared to WMS (Wavelength Modulation Spectroscopy).

By using DAS technology, LAS 300 analyzers Series are able to:

  • Measure very low gas concentrations (few ppb levels)

  • Measure very high gas concentrations – Large dynamic range Vs WMS

  • Measure with a very high accuracy (the absorption is directly related to the gas molecule and allows extremely accurate measurement using fundamental and proven signal processing algorithms for single gas and multi-gas applications).

  • Measure with a very high linearity (the absorption is measuring the area under the curve - thanks to Beer Lambert law)

  • Improve laser scan frequencies that allow an accurate measure even with fast changing process conditions – High Response Time vs WMS.

LAS 300 XD analyzers are using TDL combined with DAS are the perfect tools for Ammonia Slip measurement in DeNOx units (SCR & SNCR applications) as for Ammonia measurement in Urea / fertilizers plants. It is also the perfect instrument for the HCl measurement in the Raw Gas Measurement applications as for the low HCl measurement in combustion application (Utilities).

Altech Environment U.S.A. introduces the LAS 300 XD state-of-the-art laser based analyzers to cover a number of applications for CEMS regulatory as well as process control such as:

  • Coal Fired Boiler HCl Measurement on Dry FGD Scrubber Stack

  • Brick Manufacturer HCl Stack Measurement

  • Incinerator HCl Measurement

  • Aluminum Smelter HF Measurement

  • Coal Fired Boiler SNCR NH3 Measurement

  • Cement plant HCl monitoring

  • Combustion control

  • Chemical industry

  • Fertilizer plants

  • Petrochemical industry

  • Pulp and paper

  • Scrubber technology

  • Biomass boilers


  • High sensitivity (ppb, ppm concentrations)

  • Interference free gas measurements

  • Large dynamic range

  • Absolute measurements: no drift, no calibration, inherently linear

  • Real-time (1 s response)

  • In-situ and non-invasive (optical technique)

  • Suitable for harsh environment: sensor unaffected by contaminants (no corrosion)

  • Absence of extractive conditioning: eliminates errors related to sample handling

  • Very low maintenance, low cost of ownership 

For detailed specifications, please download the Product Brochure


The LAS300 design is simple yet very reliable. The two main parts of the instruments are arranged on opposite sides of the duct. On one side is the transmitter. This contains the laser and typically the signal processing and communication electronics. On the opposite side is the receiver which contains a photo-detector along with power and signals that are connected to the transmitter unit.

The TDL Laser Gas Monitor measures gas concentration using tunable laser absorption spectroscopy. Light from a single mode laser source is directed through the gas to measure and, as the laser frequency is tuned, the intensity of light received by the photodetector varies depending on the concentration of a specific gas present in the sample.

The absorption of light follows the Beer-Lambert law shown in Equation 1.

Equation 1: Beer-Lambert law.

Where I is the intensity of the transmitted light, I0 is the intensity of the received light, α is the absorption coefficient for a given frequency, υ and L is the pathlength.

Each gas absorbs light in a characteristic way. The attenuation of the light over the fixed pathlength is directly proportional to the concentration of the gas species of interest. The concentration value can be calculated using the known linestrength and other physical parameters.

By tuning a laser and recording a whole absorption peak, variations in peak width due to broadening variations such as changes in pressure or those induced by background species, can be tolerated.

The new, rugged ProController is an advanced display and control unit that provides power and central communications, and data acquisition and logging capabilities for multiple monitors.
Multiple communications interfaces and a range of inputs and outputs are available for parallel access to data and for linking monitors into plant networks and data acquisition systems (SCADA/DCS).

Main features and benefits:

  • High-contrast, anti-glare 7˝ TFT LCD

  • Rapid menu access and response via softkeys

  • Multilingual, comfortable navigation keypad with tactile response

  • Additional functionality provided by the PC-ME DUST TOOLS software application

  • Compatibility with Altech PCME sensors and control units for seamless integration with existing installations

  • Rugged and robust, weatherproof enclosure for indoor and outdoor use

  • External, easy-access Ethernet and USB 2.0 ports for high-speed downloads without interruptions to online communications

  • Multiple data outputs: RS-485 (x2), Ethernet, USB, and Modbus (x2) for simultaneous data communication to plant DCS, Emissions Reporting System (DAHS), and Service Personnel

  • Multi-client Ethernet communications for seamless integration into plant networks

  • Capable of supporting up to 32 sensors for multi-stack and plant-wide monitoring.

envea™ltech Environment U.S.A. is a dynamic, forward-thinking instrument manufacturer and systems integrator providing Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and process monitoring systems featuring proprietary analyzers using TDLS, NDIR, UV, Chemiluminescence, FID, FTIR, FTUV, Beta Attenuation, and Sorbent Trap technologies. We view ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees and our environment. A dedicated team of qualified application and sales engineers is always on hand and should be consulted in the selection and usage of the most suitable equipment for any gas and particulate application.

Altech offers complete “built to spec” solutions for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliance and process control for industrial, electric utility, ambient, and engine testing applications. We aim to maintain a nationally recognized brand name, capitalizing on our 25+ years experience in the emissions monitoring industry. Our goals are to achieve sustainable growth, annual profitability and maintain excellent relationships with our customers.