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MIR 9000H Heated Multi-Gas Infra-Red GFC Analyzer

MIR 9000H – Heated Multi-gas Infra-Red Analyzer

MIR 9000H Heated Multi-Gas Infra-Red GFC Analyzer

MIR 9000H Heated Multi-Gas Infra-Red GFC Analyzer on Frame

Using the heated Infra-Red Gas Filter Correlation technology, the MIR 9000H is a perfect multi-gas analyzer for numerous applications, including combustion gas analysis on cement, incineration or other challenging sources. The NH3/H2O version is ideally suited for use with SCR/SNCR NH3 slip measurements.

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  • Waste Incineration: Municipal, Hazardous, Industrial, Special, Hospital

  • Power & Combustion Plants

  • Process Control

  • Gas Turbines

  • Biomass

  • Cement Kilns

  • Pulp and Paper

  • DeNOx (SNCR, SCR), ammonia slip detection

  • Industrial Boilers and Furnaces in Chemical & Petrochemical Plants

  • Testing Laboratories...

  • Available in 2 versions for the simultaneous and continuous measurement of:

    • NH3 and H2O

    • CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, HCl, HF, N2O and O2 in addition of NH3 and H2O

  • Designed to measure wet and corrosive sample

  • Perfectly suited for ammonia slip detection

  • 180°C heated measurement cell and sampling line

  • Automatic spectral interference correction

  • Reproducible and accurate, fast response time

  • Excellent calibration stability

  • Robust and reliable design built in a stainless steel tight box to withstand the harshest environmental conditions

  • Accepts and displays up to 4 external signals: pressure, temperature, flow, etc.

  • Remote access for maintenance and configuration backup

  • Graphic LCD display, with interactive menu driven software; no PC required

  • No nitrogen required for calibration, low maintenance costs

  • Compliant with U.S. EPA and European EN Regulations

  • Repeatability: < 2% of the Full Scale (F.S.)

  • Zero/Span drift: < 2% of the F.S. / 30 days

  • Linearity: < ± 2% of the F.S.

  • Cross sensitivity: < ± 4% of the F.S.

  • Chamber temperature: 180 °C

  • Power supply: 115 or 230V ± 15%, 50/60 Hz

  • Nominal power consumption: 150 VA (max 450 VA)

  • Serial link: RS232 / RS422

  • Ethernet link: RJ45 port

  • USB function: software update and upgrade, data and configuration backup, flash memory

  • 4 analog inputs (0-2.5V)

  • 8 analog outputs (4-20 mA)

  • 4 relay outputs

  • 8 remote control inputs

  • Dimensions: 28x22x12 in (HxWxD)

  • Weight: 88 lbs

  • Heated sampling system including probe, sample line, filters, etc.

  • Display of pressure, temperature and velocity measurements of the sampled gas

  • Remote supervision software

  • Shelter, cabinet or transportable frame integration

  • Automatic calibration control