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MIR FT – Multi-gas Infra-Red Fourier Transform (FTIR) Analyzer

MIR FT – Multi-gas Infra-Red FOURIER TRANSFORM (FTIR) Analyzer

One single analyzer for the measurement of: NO, NO2 (NOx), N2O, CO, CO2, SO2, HCl, HF, CH4, NH3, H20, O2...


MIR FT – Multi-gas Infra-Red Fourier Transform (FTIR) Analyzer

MIR FT – Multi-gas Infra-Red Fourier Transform (FTIR) Analyzer Rack Cabinet

Portable MIR FT – Multi-gas Infra-Red Fourier Transform (FTIR) Analyzer

With the emissions limits tightening and new gases being introduced, this instrument allows future gas upgrades, providing the solution for today and what may happen tomorrow. The MIR-FT offers maximum availability and complete compliance with the U.S. EPA.


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  • Waste Incineration: Municipal, Hazardous, Industrial, Special, Hospital

  • Power & Combustion Plants

  • Biomass

  • Cement Kilns

  • Pulp and Paper

  • DeNOx (SNCR, SCR)

  • Glass Plants

  • Based on a leading edge technology for simultaneous, multi-gas measurement of: HCl, NO, NO2 (NOx), SO2, CO, CO2, HC, CH4 (TOC), NH3, HF, H2O... (from a library of 50 gases)

  • Fast and simultaneous measurements of up to 14 gases

  • Especially designed to measure wet and corrosive sample gases

  • Rugged & insensitive to vibrations

  • Excellent calibration stability

  • Automatic correction of spectral interferences

  • Unmatched accuracy and reliability

  • Windows based PC driven software with on-board data acquisition

  • 180°C heated sample line / measurement cell (in association with HOFI or SEC sampling system according to the application)

  • High sensitivity heated sample cell

  • TOC measurement by FID possible, using the complementary Graphite 52M analyzer

  • Compliant with U.S. EPA 40 CFR Part 60 Appendix B, Performance Specification 15

  • Zero drift: ± 1% full scale / 30 days

  • Span drift: ± 1% full scale / 30 days

  • Repeatability: ± 2% full scale

  • Lower detectable limit: 2% full scale

  • Response time: < 120s depending on the gas

  • Interferometer resolution: 8 cm-1

  • Measurement cell: multi-reflexion, 5 m

  • Power supply: 220 V, ± 15%, 50-60 Hz, 200 VA

  • Dim.: rack 19’’, 25x20x9 in (DxWxH):

  • Weight: 45 lbs

  • Operating temperature: + 10°C to + 35°C

  • HOFI or SEC® sampling systems

  • Temperature and pressure measurements

  • O2 measurement (heated zirconia sensor)

  • Outputs: 0/10V - 0/4mA, programmable

  • Solenoid valves for dynamic calibration

  • The MIR-FT may be rack mounted in a recommended climate controlled area