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PCME LEAK ALERT 65-02 - Bag Filter Leak Monitor


Bag Filter Leak Monitor

PCME LEAK ALERT 65-02 - Bag Filter Leak Monitor

PCME LEAK ALERT 65-02 Process

The LEAK ALERT 65-02 is particularly suited for use on fabric filter type dust collectors (baghouses). It provides reliable and robust monitoring of particulate dust levels and leaks from faulty bag media. The sensor, installed after the bagfilter, conditions, amplifies and analyses the dust signal and communicates a secure digital signal to the remotely located control unit, where instrument set-up, configuration, local display and 4-20 mA output signals functionality are provided.

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The LEAK ALERT 65-02 benefits from PCME's unique ElectroDynamic™ Probe Electrification technology.  Advanced features enable configuration for bagfilters irrespective of cleaning sequence.  The external display, keypad and self-check options provide ease of use and added quality control.  Designed to meet the US ASTM D7392-07 standard for Bag Leak Detectors (BLD) and the US EPA MACT requirements for Fabric Filter Leak Detection Systems, the LEAK ALERT 65-02 forms part of the LEAK ALERT series of dust monitors from PCME. 

Process Application Conditions

The LEAK ALERT 65-02 is the ideal solution for continuous monitoring of fabric filter dust collectors.  Applications include:

  • Stack temperatures up to 400°C at monitoring point

  • Duct diameters up to 4 meters

  • Dry and humid applications.  Up to 95% humidity, non-condensing

  • On-line or Off-line bag cleaning sequences

  • Acid gas environments


  • Wide Dynamic Range:  Low dust levels are monitored accurately without compromising the accuracy of measurements of large spikes in dust levels (eg  from bag cleaning pulses).

  • Probe Check (Insulator Short-Circuit):  If contamination of the sensor occurs, it is rapidly detected and an alarm signal is triggered so corrective maintenance work can be carried out.  This avoids the sensor becoming electrically shorted to the stack and ensures correct sensor operation.

  • Electronic, Zero and Internal Reference Drift Checks:  The overall instrument accuracy and operation of the electronics are checked directly at the sensor.  Any sensor malfunctions are detected, and an alarm signal is triggered for quality assurance purposes and to meet the requirements of regulatory standards.  This QA feature is required by European and US (ASTM) performance standards for Filter Leak Monitors.

  • Insulated High Temperature, Acid-resistant and Passive/Active Sensor Options: Alternative versions of the sensor probe can be used in challenging stack environments (eg. high humidity, temperatures up to 400°C and corrosive applications).

  • Floating Nut Stack Connection:  Quick and straightforward installation and removal of the sensor from the stack without the need to rotate the sensor, use specialised stack connections or remove the cables from the sensor.

Control Unit

  • Separate Control Unit: Convenient sensor set-up and display away from stack or duct (up to 500m).

  • Digital Communications between Sensor and Control Unit (RS-485):  Improved immunity to noise, no need for special connection cable.

  • Scaling Factor:  Display and 4-20 mA output as a 0-100% trending or scaling for mg/m³ indication of dust output.

  • Control Unit Bag Pulse Display Screen:  The graphical display of dust levels on the Control Unit enables easy visual identification of failing bag rows when the filter uses pulse jet cleaning systems.

Filter Cleaning Pulse Display Options

The LEAK ALERT 65-02 supports two methods of displaying the analysis of the dust pulses associated with the bag cleaning cycle: Bag Pulse Display on the Controller and PC-ME Dust Tools Software.  This permits early detection of leaking and broken bags (for Pulse Jet cleaning systems) and the easy visual identification of specific failing bag row (Leak Locate capability).

The main benefits of using the filter cleaning pulse display options are:

  • Scheduled maintenance

  • Reduced maintenance times

  • Lower labor costs

  • Reduction of spare filter inventories

  • Longer bag life

  • Increased production time

  • Reduced environmental emissions due to better filter control

Sampling Probe

  • Flange 4” ANSI, with stub sloping 10° to 15° from horizontal into stack (options available on request)

  • Probe Length 1.2m from flange face (options available on request)

  • 316 stainless, (corrosion resistance option available on request)

  • Stack temperature ranges 0-300°C

  • 2m sample line length between sampling probe and analyzer (options available on request)

  • Optional ball valve isolation between stack and analyzer

Control Unit

  • 230VAC (standard), 3.2kW (115VAC option)

  • Interfaces: Modbus RS485, isolated 4-20mA, Ethernet (option)

  • Data logging: Simultaneous recording of pulse data (for arrestment plant cleaning diagnostics), short term data (for process control), and long term data (for external emissions reporting), with dedicated QAL3 channel for logging of Zero & Span check data for compliance monitoring

  • Icon driven, multilingual menus for intuitive user interface, advanced graphical display and QA screens)

  • 778 x 640 x 365 mm main enclosure, IP65, 120kg fully assembled

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