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About Us

PCME is a leading specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of continuous particulate emission monitors for industrial processes. With instruments monitoring over 30,000 emission sources worldwide across a broad range of industries, PCME’s particulate monitoring solutions meet stringent regulatory requirements which improve environmental performance and control, increase plant effectiveness and assist in reducing costs. PCME is a sister company of Altech Environment, and part of the envea™ group, that operates a continual development program to maintain their position at the forefront of advanced particulate emission monitoring solutions.

PCME Provide Industry-Leading Solutions

Regulatory Compliance:

Industrial processes installing and operating continuous monitoring instrumentation to meet and/or exceed national and international requirements including US EPA, UK MCERTS and German TÜV standards

  • Measurement in mg/m3
  • Monitoring the performance of filter plant systems
  • Quantitative/indicative monitoring

Corporate Responsibility:

Industrial processes monitoring emissions to provide data for their own internally driven environmental programs and quality control procedures

  • Improved environmental performance through corporate governance or environmental programs (e.g. ISO 14000)
  • Instruments meet the demand for high quality measurement similar to any process instrument where data is of value to the organization

Process Improvement:

Industrial processes installing monitoring instruments to improve their process with a financial return

  • Instrument output is directly used to control the process
  • Typical uses include improved powder production, reduction of product loss from process particle collection devices and reduced running costs of fabric filters (e.g extending life of filter bags)

To contact us:

Corporate Office
2623 Kaneville Court
Geneva, IL 60134

Phone: 630-262-4400
Fax: 630-262-6220
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