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Visit us at the IT3/HWC Conference in Houston, TX

Visit us at the IT3/HWC Conference in Houston, TX

by Matthew Konecny on 03/06/2018

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Visit us at the IT3/HWC Conference in Houston, TX

Stop by Booth #10 to meet with Malek Hattar of envea™ Altech Environment U.S.A. at the 36th International Conference on Thermal Treatment Technologies & Hazardous Waste Combustors in Houston, TX. Our MIR 9000 Multi-Gas Infra-Red Analyzer, Graphite 52M Heated FID VOC Analyzer, and the STACK 990 Particulate Continuous Emission Monitor will all be on display for hands-on demonstration!

Altech offers complete “built to spec” solutions for EPA compliance and process control for industrial, electric utility, ambient, and particulate applications.

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About the Conference -
IT3/HWC, a thermal treatment conference, provides a forum for the discussion of state-of-the-art technical information, regulations, and public policy on thermal treatment technologies and their relationship to air emissions, greenhouse gases, climate change, renewable energy or alternative energy production, and sustainability.  Thermal treatment technologies include:

  • Incinerators
  • Kilns and Furnaces  
  • Commercial and Industrial Boilers 
  • Industrial Dryers Technologies 
  • Thermal Oxidizers 
  • Fluidized Bed Reactors 
  • Plasma and Vitrification
  • Pyrolysis Reactors
  • Gasifiers