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CEMS System Rentals and APC Equipment Performance

CEMS Rentals


Get a week’s worth of data for the same cost as having a testing company

come to your site and perform a single test!

envea™ Altech Environment U.S.A. offers complete CEMS rentals. Our customers typically rent CEMS for the following reasons:

  • Baseline Data for your Process  - Get VERY detailed process data to analyze. With a rental system, you can get a week’s worth of data for the same cost as a one day single-point stack test. Once delivered our rental CEMS are typically up and running in less than a half a day!
  • Validate APC Equipment Performance - Longer term (4-7 days) sampling and comparison to stack CEMS data
  • Regulatory Purposes - Our CEMS are all compliant with all the latest EPA regulations. Use a rental CEMS to ensure and demonstrate that your facility is in compliance.
  • HCl CEMS - This rental has proven ranges down to 0-10 ppm to test your equipment compliance.

We can provide rentals for nearly any industry:

  • Power
  • Refining
  • Cement
  • Boilers

If you have any questions or would like rates on renting a CEMS System, 

contact Frank Alvarez at 630.262.4400 x202 or