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CH4 - Methane pollutants measured with CEMS systems

Altech Environment provides accurate and fast measurements of CH4. We offer complete CH4 CEMS or discrete analyzers for the measurement of CH4. We use one of two technologies toac measure CH4:

FID (flame ionization detector) is used in Altech systems to measure CH4. FID is well-established and is used for high sensitivity, wide linear range and efficient detection of organic compounds. The sample gas is introduced into a hydrogen flame inside the FID. Any hydrocarbons in the sample will produce ions when they are burnt. Ions are detected using a metal collector which is biased with a high DC voltage. The current across this collector is thus proportional to the rate of ionization which in turn depends upon the concentration of CH4 in the sample gas.

In Altech’s flagship MIR 9000, MIR-IS and MIR 9000H analyzers, non-dispersive infrared technology (NDIR) using the Gas Filter Correlation (GFC) technique is used to measure CH4. The infrared bench consists of a light source, chopper, multipass sample cell, filter wheels, and solid-state detector. The filter wheel containing the optical filter and gas cells provides a dual function. One is to modulate the light; the second is to isolate the wavelengths for measurement. This configuration provides for a much simpler optical and mechanical system. The modulated light is sent into a temperature stabilized (50ºC) multipass sample cell. The MIR 9000 is available in cold/dry and hot/wet configurations.

Contact Altech for any questions you may have related to CH4 CEMS, discrete CH4 analyzers, FID’s (Flame Ionization Detectors) or NDIR technology at 630.262.4400 or

Since we offer all common CH4 measurement technologies and analyzer manufactures (if you require a specific manufacturer or model), Altech Environment tailors its system offering to your specific application. 

Altech’s instruments that measure CH4 are as follows:

Complete Systems:

Discrete Analyzers: