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Dioxins/Furans Pollutants Measured with CEMS Systems

Altech Environment is one of the only companies in the U.S. with both the experience and technology to sample dioxins/furans. We have numerous installations of our samplers in Europe and recently installed 2 AMESA systems in Canada. The AMESA system, approved in 1997 by TÜV Rheinland (Germany) is designed for the long-term sampling of Dioxins (PCDD), Furans (PCDF) and other Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). Traditionally, the monitoring of PCDD/Fs is performed by taking 1 – 3 short-term samples per year (each of 6 hours). By sampling over a period of up to 4 weeks, AMESA ensures continuous monitoring of dioxins/furans emissions for each single sample, ensuring that fluctuations in plant operation and in the composition of the fuel are accurately recorded.

A cooled probe (Less Than 50°C) is used to extract a portion of the flue gas isokinetically from the stack. Dioxins and Furans, dust and condensate of the flue gas are adsorbed in a specialized cartridge filled with XAD-2 and quartz-wool. An automatic leak test is performed before and after the sampling cycle to validate the non-contamination of the adsorbing cartridge. After adsorption, the measured gas is pumped through a flexible tube to the control cabinet, where the gas is cooled down (Less Than 5°C) to completely remove condensate. The isokinetic extraction is controlled as a function of the flue gas velocity, temperature and pressure, by use of a thermal mass flowmeter and a frequency controlled pump. The dry gas flow is determined by means of a calibrated gas meter and a thermal mass flowmeter. AMESA is fully automatic and all necessary data is stored internally and on a removable SRAM card. Both the XAD-2 cartridge and the SRAM card are sent to a laboratory for further analysis of PCDD/PCDF. The AMESA can be equipped with 4 sampling units, thus allowing successive automatic sampling of different pollutants (dioxins, heavy metals...) on the same stack, or multiplexing on different stacks (max. 4).

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