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O2 - Oxygen Emissions Monitoring and Analysis

envea™ Altech Environment U.S.A. provides continuous O2 measurements (O2 CEMS) or discrete O2 analyzers using one of two technologies. The type of technology used is determined by whether the sample stream is wet or dry. The two technologies are:

Paramagnetic oxygen analysis – in our MIR 9000, MIR 9000CLD and MIR IS analyzers, a paramagnetic detector is used. A dry sample stream is essential to this measurement technique. In basic terms, oxygen is attracted to a strong magnetic field, much more so than other gases. A focused magnetic field is created using magnets. Two nitrogen filled glass spheres are mounted on a rotating suspension with a wire coil wrapped around it within a magnetic field. A mirror is mounted centrally on the suspension. Any oxygen that is present will be attracted into the strongest part of the magnetic field. Oxygen attracted into the magnetic field will displace the nitrogen filled spheres, causing the suspension to rotate. The photocells will detect the movement and generate a signal. The feedback system will pass a current around the wire, which creates a motor effect, which will keep the suspension in its original position. The current measured flowing around the wire will be directly proportional to the concentration of oxygen within the gas mixture. This principle is used to obtain fast and accurate (0-25%) oxygen measurements.

Zirconia oxide oxygen analysis – as used in our MIR 9000H and with in-situ O2 probes. This method is most effective with hot/wet samples (or directly in the flue gas). Zirconia oxygen analyzers determine oxygen concentration using the conductivity of a zirconia ceramic cell. Zirconia ceramic cells only allow oxygen ions to pass through at high temperatures. With reference gas on one side and sample gas on the other, oxygen ions move from the side with the highest concentration of oxygen to that with the lowest concentration. The movement of ions generates an EMF (Electro Motive Force) which can be measured to determine the oxygen content. Measurements are displayed directly via a digital display as oxygen concentration over the range 0.01ppm to 100%.

Contact envea™ Altech Environment U.S.A. for any questions you may have related to O2 CEMS, discrete O2 analyzers, paramagnetic detectors or zirconia oxide detectors at 630.262.4400 or

Since we offer all common O2 measurement technologies and analyzer manufacturers (if you require a specific manufacturer or model), Altech tailors its system offering to your specific application. Altech’s instruments that measure O2 are as follows:

Emission Monitoring

Engine Gas Monitoring