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Particulates Monitoring Measured with CEMS Systems

envea™ Altech Environment U.S.A. offers a variety of different technologies for particulate monitoring. Based on your application, we will provide an optical PM monitor (either forward or backscatter technique) or a beta gauge sampler. A major determining factor when deciding which technology to use is stacks and process conditions. An advantage of beta attenuation PM monitoring is that the size or shape characteristics of the particulate do not affect the reading. The principal advantage of an optical device is that it is usually less expensive and has somewhat lower maintenance requirements.

For beta attenuation, sample flow rate is set via a signal from an existing flow monitor or an optional built-in pitot tube for isokinetic sampling. The heated sampling probe extracts the particulates which are deposited on a filter tape. A beta gauge is used to measure the particulates. The mass concentration is determined by a differential measurement in which the filter tape is measured before and after sample collection. An optical encoder precisely determines the filter tape position for each sample measurement cycle. Prior to each sample collection cycle a vacuum leak check is performed by sealing the sampling system with a shutoff valve. Daily calibrations for mass and sample volume are performed automatically. A pair of pressure transducers and mass flowmeters allows an independent audit of sample volume, as required by Procedure 2 of 40CFR60, Appendix B. The unit is microprocessor-based for management of the measurement cycles, including flow rate and temperature regulation, calculations, and alarms. The signal interface is available in either an analog/digital or a serial format. A built-in touch screen provides local access to the instrument for setup, diagnostics, and programming. The sample probe, available in either a rigid or flexible configuration, allows simplified installation at new or existing facilities.

For optical systems, a stream of energy (usually a laser) is sent from a source to a receiver across the sample stream and the interference and when compared to a series of Method 5 stack tests to develop a correlation curve, a representation of particulate matter is obtained.

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Since we offer all common PM measurement technologies and analyzer manufactures (if you require a specific manufacturer or model), Altech Environment tailors its systems offerings to your specific application. Altech Environment’s instruments that measure PM are as follows: