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Technical Support and Training - Classroom and Factory Overview



Altech Environment U.S.A. Technical Support and Training

Our training programs are custom-tailored and will specifically adhere to your company's particular needs, whether you require instruction for one individual or a group of 20 or more. Available training options are designed to be conducted in classroom, on-site, or in factory settings.

A well-educated staff will positively impact your success in efficient system operations, as well as, effectively maintaining your equipment.

Level I Training - Overview

This general training session is provided with the purchase of your equipment. A qualified Service Engineer presents a general overview of your new system during the start-up of your equipment. This training is designed to acquaint you with your system, describing the theory of operation and its basic maintenance requirements.

Level II Training - Classroom

This detailed training session encompasses a deeper level of technical information with respect to your system's operation, including advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting. Emphasis is placed on preventative maintenance and the Data Acquisition and Handling System. Training will be presented in a classroom setting along with some hands-on training.

Level III Training - Factory

This in-depth training session is comprehensive and designed to meet the customer's specific concerns. Preventative and corrective maintenance including in-depth troubleshooting is addressed at this level. Training will focus on the customer's precise needs, with concentration on either your system's components, i.e., the MIR analyzer, or plan and procedure details, i.e., the Q.A. plan. Your staff will acquire the information necessary to keep your equipment running smoothly and endorse a proactive position in trouble-shooting your own equipment. Training will be presented in a classroom setting and will be hands-on.